Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All-American Girl Racing Announces SoBe Life Water as Primary Sponsor

ORANGE, Calif. - April 6, 2006 -- All-American Girl Racing (AAGR) announced today it has signed a sponsorship agreement with SoBe Life Water for the 2006 off-road race season. The team’s first race is this Saturday, April 8, in Primm, Nevada.

SoBe Life Water will partner with AAGR as the team’s official refueling beverage. AAGR is the first and only all female race team to compete in SNORE, MDR, and SCORE International Off-Road racing events, including the treacherous Baja 500 and the infamous Baja 1000. AAGR consists of six women with a long history in the dirt; Heather Bonanni, Lori Lynch, Cari Penhall, Jamie Nye, and sisters Robyn and Beccy Gordon. Robyn will be defending her title as the only female to have won the Baja 1000 Overall.

“The new SoBe Life Water is proud to be associated with the new All-American Girl Racing team,” said Ken Haislip, West Division Sales Manager, SoBe Beverages. “We think it’s a great partnership that makes natural sense … desert racing and SoBe Life Water.”

To launch the SoBe Life Water sponsorship, AAGR appeared on the KROQ-FM Kevin & Bean Morning Show, Thursday, April 6, between 6-9 a.m.

“Having a sponsor like SoBe Life Water is the perfect combination for our team,” said Beccy Gordon, team representative and driver. “Every girl on this team is committed to living a healthy lifestyle with an aggressive edge and SoBe Life Water enables us to do so, and will nourish us on our thirst-inducing desert adventures. I look forward to expanding our involvement with SoBe Life Water and enjoying their beverage on and off the track.”

Together with SoBe Life Water, All-American Girl Racing promises to be the dirtiest girls in the dirt!

About All-American Girl Racing:
The team includes: Heather Bonnani, a long time off-road enthusiast who created the concept of the all-girl race team. Robyn and Beccy Gordon, daughters of racing legend “Baja” Bob Gordon and sisters of NASCAR driver Robby Gordon, jumped at the opportunity to challenge the desert. Beccy is a motorsports TV host, while Robyn is the only female driver to have ever won the Baja 1000 overall. Cari Penhall, one of the most distinguished women in the off-road circle. Penhall has been tackling the grueling desert for the last 30 years chasing and supporting her racer husband, Jerry Penhall. Penahll’s cousin, Jamie Nye, was raised in the dirt and is married to Dirt Bagz owner, Derek Nye. Lori Lynch has been drawn to extreme sports her entire life. She is the daughter of Mission Motorsports founder, John Matherson.

About Sobe Life Water:
Taking vitamins just got a whole lot tastier. On March 6, 2006, SoBe Beverages announced the launch of new SoBe Life Water, a line of refreshing vitamin-enhanced water beverages that contain the powerful antioxidant vitamins C & E as well as members of the vitamin B complex. Available in five delicious flavors- Pomegranate Cherry, Blackberry Grape, Passionfruit Citrus, Orange Tangerine and Strawberry Kiwi- the highly anticipated lineup is the newest addition to SoBe’s family of great-tasting "healthy refreshment" beverages. In addition to a full day’s supply of Vitamin C, SoBe Life Water provides 20% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin E, as well as 10% of the recommended daily value of the B Vitamins B6 and B12, Niacin (B3) and Pantothenic acid (B5). With no artificial flavors or preservatives, SoBe Life Water delivers what SoBe fans have come to expect – a great-tasting beverage with a unique SoBe twist. "SoBe has been making beverages to uplift the mind, body and spirit for the past ten years," said Nicole Flavin, director, marketing for SoBe Life Water. "Great-tasting, healthy refreshment beverages are what consumers expect from SoBe. It makes sense that we would expand into the enhanced water category and provide consumers with even more options through the introduction of SoBe Life Water." Look for SoBe Life Water in 20 oz. PET bottles, featuring eye-catching, distinctive graphics and the notorious SoBe "dueling lizards" design. SoBe Life Water hit shelves in March, available in both small and large format convenience and grocery stores. The launch of SoBe Life Water is supported with radio and out of home advertising in addition to sampling at over 1,000 grassroots events. For more information, check out www.sobelifewater.com.


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